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calendar08 April 2019

Author: Joseph Allison

Why you should volunteer at a Christian festival this summer

Why you should volunteer at a Christian festival this summer

This summer, Christian festivals and conferences are running all across the UK. Volunteers will be helping out around the conferences, helping anywhere and everywhere, from on-site cafés to security to prayer teams, and lots of organisations would love you to be a part of the fun!

I started volunteering as a venue steward at Christian events when I was 22, mostly because it was a great way to have an affordable holiday! Generally, volunteers don’t have to pay for tickets to festivals, meaning you can be part of the fun for free.

You don’t have to worry about it being a working holiday, either. You’re given plenty of time off to explore all the activities and sessions going on. A typical day might involve a couple of two to three-hour shifts spread throughout the day, then the rest of the time you’re free to enjoy the event.

I also thought volunteering would be a chance to meet lots of new people, and it was - the people made it an amazing experience! I loved making friends and having fun with them, as well as chatting and praying with those attending the events.

When you’re a volunteer, meals are usually included. This takes a huge weight off when planning what to bring with you – especially if you’re camping – and means you’ll be well taken care of, so won’t be living off instant noodles the whole time!

Gemma, who works here at CAP and first volunteered at one of our CAP Cafés last year, said she was nervous about going at first, but totally loved the experience:

‘It was quite daunting because it was the first time I’d done anything like it - I’d never been camping for more than a night, for one thing! But I honestly had the best time. I met some amazing people, made some great memories and had space to encounter Jesus in a really powerful way. The best thing was that it was all for a fantastic cause - I loved seeing people find out about CAP, often for the first time, and really engaging with what they do. As soon as I got home I wanted to go again!’

This year, the CAP Café is back! If having a blast with a team of passionate people sounds like your cup of tea, why not join us at New Wine or the Big Church Day Out this summer?

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