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calendar17 August 2017

Author: Joseph Allison

You can be heroes!

You can be heroes!

It’s superhero week at Christians Against Poverty and the team here at CAP HQ are getting into the spirit of things, dressing up and celebrating all that’s done to rescue people in debt, here in the UK.

If you’re a CAP Life Changer you’ve probably already received a superhero thank you card from Steph, James, and their daughter Isabella from Leeds, a family helped because of your giving.

Steph writes that if it wasn’t for CAP, she’d still be in the same dark place. After she lost her job, she was going to be evicted from her house. It was hard to deal with because she felt guilty about her debt. But support from CAP has saved her life and made a sad home into a happy home.

There are a lot of ways in which CAP is actually changing and saving the lives of people struggling with a wide range of issues. In many ways, coping with all that life throws at them, they are superheroes too.

One client, Catherine* suffers with anxiety and panic attacks, depression, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and hypoglycemia and all of this adds to her financial struggles.

Sometimes existing problems are made worse by money troubles. Allan* and Sandra* were having a hard time suffering with mental health, fear and anxiety. They felt bullied by debt collectors knocking on their door and have been feeling too scared to open the curtains.

So, the extra face to face support given by each debt centre is so very valuable, tackling that isolation and providing a solution.

Over on CAP’s Facebook page, we asked people to name their CAP superheroes.

‪Joyce Bloomfield wrote,‪ ‘I cannot pick ONE… My befriender Margaret Woffendin and debt centre manager Sarah Cutts, release coach Sally Martin and two special people who prayed and listened who have moved on – Rose Young and Gillian Fernyhough.’

Carol Anne Wastell‪ wrote, ‘I must say Julie Parker is the best. She will walk to the end of the earth with you. She is amazing. She was there for me and helped me though everything. Even when I was at my lowest, she brought me back alive again and gave me hope. I will never ever be able to repay her.’

The team effort everyone makes for CAP results in a genuine difference in thousands of lives. If you’d like to join CAP’s superhero team, it’s easy! You could challenge yourself to a sponsored event, make a regular donation, or see if you’re the right fit for one of our current job vacancies.

*Names have been changed to protect clients’ identities

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