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calendar06 June 2018

Author: Joseph Allison

You can volunteer your time, no matter how much time you have

You can volunteer your time, no matter how much time you have

It’s Volunteers’ Week, the time of year where we celebrate all the amazing things volunteers do for charities by giving their time to help and hopefully inspiring people to do the same.

As a volunteer myself, I can tell you it’s a hugely worthwhile and fulfilling thing to do. You learn, you develop your skills, you do your bit to help others, and you make a difference. And it's something you can do with whatever time you have, whether it’s the odd evening here and there or several months! There are lots of charities that would love to have you on board, both in the UK and abroad, and, of course, here at CAP.

If you have between two hours and two days a week free

Maybe you work and don’t have much time to spare. That’s OK – provided you can volunteer regularly and reliably, most charities will appreciate any time you can offer. Trussell Trust are always in need of volunteers to help out in their network of foodbanks, and there are lots of different roles available. Read more here.

If you have an evening free each week

Would you be up for getting involved with evening groups run through your local church? Well, there are CAP Money Courses, Job Clubs, Life Skills groups and Fresh Start groups going on up and down the country, many of which run in the evening. Click here to find your nearest group service and use the contact details to find out more about volunteering opportunities.

If you’re really stretched for time

If your schedule is packed and you’re not able to make a regular commitment, you could still do your bit by raising money for charity. Offer your time and skills to run an event (such as a coffee morning, bake sale or sponsored cycle) and raise funds to make a big difference in people’s lives. Head here to sign up to do something extraordinary and raise money for CAP.

I have several months and want to go abroad

Anyone who has volunteered abroad will likely tell you what a life changing experience it can be. Tearfund offers placements overseas ranging from two weeks to six months long in various countries. Click here for details.

I have several months and want to stay in the UK

We have just the thing for you! If you’re passionate about seeing an end to UK poverty and would love to get an insight into the workings of an award-winning charity, why not join us in Bradford for one of our placements? The CAP Internship is a paid, year-long placement starting from September, where you work within a team at CAP HQ that fits your skills and ambitions, and build your individual skill set through sessions from high level leaders, all while contributing to the charity in a powerful way. Engage is a shorter placement, lasting for four weeks over the summer, where you gain charity experience and help out in the CAP café at New Wine. Click here to apply for the CAP Internship and here for Engage.

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