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CAP launches new report in Parliament

calendar12 December 2016

CAP launches new report in Parliament

On Monday 12 December, CAP took to Parliament to launch its latest report alongside the Financial Inclusion Commission.

The freedom report looks at the outcomes of over 200 clients who have become debt free through Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Debt Relief Orders (DROs) up to five years ago. The findings show the important role debt advice plays in building financial capability and resilience to ensure people feel in control of their finances and stay free of problem debt in the long-term.

Caroline Rookes CBE, Chief Executive of the Money Advice Services, said, ‘Christians Against Poverty embodies the combination of empathy and expertise that is essential to providing effective support to people with problem debt. This report spells out the impact that getting free, high-quality advice has on improving financial capability and avoiding debt problems recurring.

'The data collated in this report echoes the impact of debt advice services across the country in helping people to reduce their debts, take control of their finances and start planning for the future.’

The report was launched in the House of Commons with over 50 senior representatives from the credit and debt advice industries and MPs in attendance, including Caroline Rookes, Sian Williams, Commissioner and Head of National Services at Toynebee Hall, and George Kerevan MP for East Lothian.

The freedom report is available to read in full here.

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