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300 people have found paid work through CAP Job Clubs!

calendar12 March 2015

Since launching just two years ago, CAP Job Clubs has seen a staggering 300 people find paid employment. That's 300 lives lifted from the misery of unemployment, and given fresh hope and a future.

With the average person out of work for over two years, CAP Job Clubs is reaching people whose confidence and self-worth has been destroyed. We offer practical skills training as well as a supportive community of people in similar situations, because facing long-term unemployment can also be incredibly isolating.

Christine is just one of those 300 people who found work through her local CAP Job Club after being made redundant from the company she’d worked 14 years for.

She said: ‘It was quite a shock. I had no idea what to do about getting a new job or where to go. The Job Centre referred me to a CAP Job Club. Everyone was so friendly and ready to help; it built my confidence up again. When you’re unemployed, your confidence goes and you feel worthless. I’d lost all of my sense of being, then I got a job and it was brilliant! I felt so relieved, like I’ve been given another chance and a fresh start.’

To find out more about CAP Job Clubs, click here.

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