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Jane overcomes the odds to walk ten miles

calendar21 January 2014

Jane overcomes the odds to walk ten miles

When our clients make it across the 'debt free finish line', they feel elated, free and often want to find a way to express their gratefulness. When Jane Stock from York went debt free in November 2013, she decided to say thank you in a way that would cost her. But the cost would be physical, not financial.

Jane, who uses a walking frame, decided to complete a ten mile sponsored walk around her neighbourhood. Supported by church friends, she set out on her inspiring adventure, with her walking frame decorated with balloons and ribbons (all in CAP green, naturally!). Six and a half hours after she set out, an exhausted but proud Jane made it over the finish line.

As well as asking for donations from families in the houses on her route, Jane also raised money amongst her church congregation. So far, she has raised £1,028 – incredible! If you would like to give Jane's total a boost, call our Supporter Relations team on 01274 760761 (don't forget to mention Jane's sponsored walk when you call!).

If Jane can walk ten miles, what could you do?

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