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Is anyone listening?

calendar30 April 2020

Is anyone listening?

Our brand new client report, Is anyone listening? is now available to download.

Debt left Jude feeling alone and unheard. Having suffered a stroke which left her with cognitive impairment, and going through a relationship breakdown shortly after, her finances began to spiral. Unable to get her head around what she owed, Jude started to dread the postman. She couldn't face her debt situation and started to hide the letters. 

Sadly, Jude’s story is not a one-off case. Thousands of people across the UK are struggling in problem debt, battling with other difficulties such as ill health, relationship breakdown or job loss.  

Yet in 2019, CAP helped 22,778 adults and children (inclusive of those interacting with more than one CAP service) to change their story. We celebrated with over two thousand households who became debt free and helped many more along the journey. 

Download Is anyone listening? now to hear the rest of Jude's inspiring story and discover the true impact of CAP’s Debt Help service, Life Skills groups, Job Clubs and Fresh Start groups across the UK.

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