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Life Savers

calendar21 March 2018

Life Savers

Written by Nicky Starr

It’s a dark hole, I’m deep down inside,
Searching for a way out,
But the answers I cannot find.

The bills are in piles,
Getting bigger every day.
So many to deal with,
I can’t make it all go away.

The mounting debt causes sleepless nights,
I’m so tired of this,
There’s no end in sight.

The phone rings a million times a day,
I dare not answer it, I cannot afford to pay,
It’s fear and dread in every possible way.

Pay up now or the bailiffs will be round,
But how can I do that?
There’s no spare money to be found.

Crying myself to sleep,
And skipping meals,
For my children I need to keep.
I’m drowning fast,
It’s all too much, this nightmare cannot last.

Then through the darkness there came a light,
I could see an end in sight,
Christians Against Poverty showed me the way,
To keep all my debts at bay.

They took it all off my hands,
A debt coach and a befriender were by my side,
A budget set up and debts being paid, savings put aside,
For the first time in ages, I didn’t have to hide.

Together we battled on,
Four years seven months later we finally won,
You are now debt free,
Now this I couldn’t believe,
Good things don’t happen to me.

The support didn’t stop there,
I had made two good friends in Julie and Ken,
They were still by my side,
Helping me in other ways, as well as a job I couldn’t find.

CAP Job Clubs was launched in my town,
Mine was the first name put down,
Giving me confidence every week,
Feeling able to apply for the job I was looking to seek.

Then I found myself questioning this journey with CAP from the start,
Something was happening inside my own heart,
Looking back, I had seen the signs,
But before it had been just blurry lines.

I am now learning about my faith, working through my own personal hell,
So this story I just had to tell,
I didn’t find Christians Against Poverty, Christians Against Poverty found me,
And through God, they saved my life in more ways than you will ever believe.

Life Savers was written by Nicky Starr. It's the winning piece in our client poetry competition 2018. Thanks to everyone who entered - we were blown away with the quality of the entries we received!

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