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More compassion for those on prepayment meters

calendar23 September 2019

More compassion for those on prepayment meters

A report from CAP outlining the difficulties faced by the poorest households looks set to change the way energy companies regard vulnerable families.

The Poor Pay More, written in 2014, raised the issue of self-disconnection for those on prepayment energy meters and CAP has been glad to work with Ofgem on this issue.

42% of CAP debt clients use prepayment meters for their energy so this is a cause close to our hearts.

Now the regulator is proposing a list of requirements for energy companies to protect those whose extreme circumstances mean they have run out of credit – and have no hot water, light or heating.

Proposals out for consultation include energy firms having to:

  • Offer support
  • Give emergency credit or discretionary credit and
  • Consider people’s ability to repay debt on prepayment meters.

Ofgem will be considering feedback on the proposals from charities and suppliers and will publish its final rules in the next couple of months.

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