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Seen us on Songs of Praise?

calendar08 January 2017

Seen us on Songs of Praise?

The latest episode of Songs of Praise, 'Escaping debt', aired on BBC One on Sunday 8 January and featured a couple from Kent, Naomi and Perry, who told the story of how debt turned their world upside down.

Several years ago, Naomi and Perry found themselves struggling to pay the bills on their low income. Perry was working several part-time jobs but was unable to find permanent employment, and the money they had coming in simply wasn’t enough. They could afford very little food, just managing to scrape together enough to feed themselves and their baby.

Having turned to credit cards, store cards and loan sharks to try and stay above water, Naomi and Perry found themselves with around £20,000 in debt. The family was in turmoil, arguing and rarely leaving the house. They felt alone and isolated, with seemingly no end in sight.

Once Naomi and Perry got in touch with CAP, the pressure on their shoulders began to lessen and they could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. They were stunned by the love and care they received from their local CAP Debt Coach and the caseworkers at CAP's head office. Through working with CAP they learned how to budget and better manage their money, and in 2013 they went debt free through a Debt Relief Order!

Now their lives are completely different – they focus more on saving rather than relying on credit and their house is generally a happier place to live. They regularly attend church and Naomi has even taken on the challenge of leading the worship group!

Does Naomi and Perry’s story sound all too familiar to you? If you need our help to sort out your debts, just click here or call us on 0800 328 0006. It’s free to call and our service is available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, faith and background.

CAP has over 600 services across the UK currently, but there are still many areas which aren’t covered and people we are simply unable to reach. We need more churches to open CAP services to ensure we can help everyone who needs it – by 2021, we hope to have 1,000 UK services open! So if you think your church could partner with CAP, help the poor in your local community, and join a movement that's actively fighting poverty across the UK, then click right here to find out more.

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