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Singer song-writer releases single for CAP

calendar12 September 2016

Singer song-writer releases single for CAP

Philippa Hanna has written and released a new single to celebrate the charity's 20th birthday.


You are Love is informed by the personal experience of debt faced by the artist some years ago and how strength from God helped her fight feelings of anxiety and eventually become financially secure.

Philippa said: “I wrote this song to be an anthem to empower us as Christians to go out into the dark places and turn people’s lives around.

“I know that debt can affect anybody. Years ago, I owed £6,000 and was receiving letters from collectors. You feel powerless and afraid. I experienced anxiety and depression with it and it’s hard to find work to pay off your debts when you can’t face an interview without having a panic attack.

“It was my faith that helped me to put my life back together. When I started getting to know Jesus, I began to think differently. I felt his grace and unfailing love for me and I knew I could have a new life and a new start. With some help, I was able to pay it all back and now I’m debt free.

“There’s a line in the song that says ‘You’re the answer’. And Jesus really was the answer for me.

“Another of my favourite lyrics is: ‘Your love keeps moving the mountains and your love keeps calming the waves.’

“I wanted to keep coming back to that in a place of worship. I want this song to say whatever the situation is, God can still move that mountain. That’s what CAP does, it takes families who can’t afford to eat, and gives them back their future.”

You are Love is available to download from September 11 on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. All profits go to Christians Against Poverty.

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