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The weight of debt gone, Ray and Patti felt free to get married at last!

calendar13 June 2013

The weight of debt gone, Ray and Patti felt free to get married at last!

We were honoured to have Ray and Patti Penn come all the way from Tees Valley to Bradford to celebrate their marriage. They handed favours out to all our staff to say a big thank you for helping them on their way to becoming debt free. Congratulations from all at CAP HQ! Ray told us,

'We had so much debt between us and we didn't want to get married until it was sorted. We didn't want it hanging over our heads. I had met Patti at a time when I had a great job. But then my health deteriorated suddenly. You have credit cards, borrow more and then things change and it spirals.'

Our staff were so touched to receive little packs of Love Heart sweets as we listened to Patti tell us,

'To find out an organisation can help you for free was amazing. CAP has been great from the very start, we really couldn't ask for better! Now we're in the final stages of becoming debt free and it's exciting to think we've just got married and it's a new start financially. We used some of the savings in our CAP Plan and had a family wedding. It was a glorious day and we had cups of tea and pizza in the park. We wanted to come to CAP and thank everyone personally because without their help, we couldn't have done it.'

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