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Will you #lookagain?

Join us in calling on the Government to take action against UK poverty

What does UK poverty look like?

Chris was like any parent – he wanted the best for his kids. But when his wife walked out, he could no longer afford childcare and had to give up his job and his only source of income. As the debts grew, life for this single dad became more and more difficult. When Chris and his children were rehoused, there was no way they could afford even the basic essentials.

Chris struggled alone with no fridge, no cooker, no carpet, no wallpaper, no curtains and no heating. He had nothing – not even beds. This father was forced to tuck his kids into a bed made of bin bags at night.

Thankfully, because of the support of 30,000 Life Changers who have chosen to look again at UK poverty, Chris is now completely debt free. There are no more phone calls, no more letters, no more debt collectors. Chris and his children can climb into safe, warm beds at night.

No one should ever have to skip meals to feed their own kids. Nobody should be forced to live in a cold, dark house because they can't afford to heat or light their home. Nobody deserves to receive countless letters, phone calls and visits from enforcement agents while battling multiple mental and physical health problems on top of the debt. Yet this is the reality that many of our clients face before CAP gets involved. And this is all happening in our communities, behind closed doors.

We're calling on the Government to look again at the reality of poverty in the UK. Will you join us and be part of the solution?


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