Thank you for choosing to look again at UK poverty!

We absolutely loved meeting you at Greenbelt this year (even more than we enjoyed the incredible weather)!

We really can't thank you enough for joining with us in challenging the Government to look again at poverty in the UK by signing our petition. Your suport means you're part of the solution, changing lives such as Tina's. Hear her story below.

Meet Tina

Tina was afraid to tell anyone about the many struggles she was facing behind the scenes. It was only when someone saw the reality of Tina’s situation that her life began to turn around. Hear her incredible story, featured in our most recent edition of Lifted and this year’s CAP Sunday, and see how God is using CAP and churches like yours to bring hope to those who are hurting.

Read Tina's Story

Poverty is in every community – but not everybody sees it. Embarrassment and fear lead some people to conceal their trouble, while others just don’t think anyone could help even if they did open up. Behind closed doors and drawn curtains, tightening its grip. UK poverty is real.

That’s why we’re so thankful for your support. By joining with hundreds of others, you’re taking a stand and saying ‘no more’ to poverty in the UK. It’s simply not okay that there are parents missing meals so that their children can eat. It’s not acceptable that there are elderly people living alone who haven’t turned on the heating in days because of the cost. Your support means we can change this, by calling on the Government to look again at prioritising solutions.

Thank you for changing lives just like Tina’s!


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