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Policy and Government

At CAP we don’t want to just treat the symptoms of poverty; we also want to address the causes. That’s why we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to shape and influence the policies that affect our clients. It means we get to speak on behalf of the vulnerable to the people with the power to change their lives. And our voice is growing louder.

Industry professionals seek our opinion on current issues, and our recommendations get heard in Parliament. Change is happening. Below are some of the ways in which we are fighting for justice amongst the country’s key decision-makers.

Latest updates

Over 1,100 church leaders call on the Government to rethink planned cuts to Universal Credit

calendar28 September 2021

Together with Church Action on Poverty, we have sent a letter to the Prime Minister signed by 1,172 church leaders, urging the Government not to cut Universal Credit by £1,040 a year from 6 October 2021. The letter expresses concern about the impact the planned cut will have on on people in poverty and communities across the UK from next Month. Read the letter and signatories below. 

Read the full document here

Keep the lifeline - open letter to the Prime Minister

calendar02 September 2021

More than 100 charities and organisations from across the UK, including CAP, have joined together to urge the Prime Minister to cancel the planned cut to Universal Credit. As part of the Keep the Lifeline campaign, a joint letter sent to the Prime Minister yesterday and we are awaiting the response. You can read the full letter here.

Warm Home Discount proposals to better target support from 2022

calendar11 August 2021

CAP has responded to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's consultation on proposed Warm Home Discount reform. The new scheme takes advantage of data matching through the Department of Work and Pensions, something that CAP has been calling for, and which will reduce the barriers eligble families face to receive the rebate on their winter fuel bills. However, we have raised concerns about other aspects of the reforms, including the lack of evidence-based decision making for setting the level of the rebate at £150 and that particularly vulnerable households miss out on being automatically included in the scheme and not have the capacity to appeal. Read our full response below.

Read the full document here

Ofwat guidelines for Water Companies supporting customers in financial difficulty

calendar27 July 2021

CAP have welcomed new proposals from Ofwat, the regulator for the water industry, that set out guidelines for water companies in their treatment of customers in debt. They have created a strong foundation to enable water companies to deal sensitively and sensibly with those struggling financially, to help them pay thier bills, access help and we pay debt. Further to the proposed changes, we have highlighted in our response how the water industry's use of high court enforcement agents is disproportionate to the severity of the debt being owed, and suggested the industry reduce their disproportionate use of this practice.

Read the full document here

New CAP report published: Shipshape or sinking ship?

calendar21 July 2021

Financial and mental wellbeing are central planks that allow us to plan, connect and have control over our lives. Problem debt, low income and some welfare policies can have a harmful effect on people’s financial wellbeing. This report considers the role that debt advice, creditors and government can play in improving the financial and mental wellbeing of the UK population and helping people move on from problem debt for good. Click here to read more and download the report.

Read the full document here
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Introducing CAP's External Affairs team

Meet the team representing CAP and building relationships in the credit and debt advice industries, as well as the third sector and with the Government:

Gareth McNab
Director of External Affairs

Rachel Gregory
Social Policy Manager

Jonathan Shaw
Relationship Manager

Paul Walmsley
Relationship Manager

Helen Webb
Relationship Manager

Mark Anchen
Relationship Manager