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Nicky's story

Christians Against Poverty 2019 Client report

Having grown up surrounded by money worries and moving in and out of abusive relationships, Nicky faced constant battles with mental ill-health and growing debts. She felt like a failure and saw no hope for the future until Ken from CAP visited her.

Like Nicky, millions feel stuck in an inescapable cycle, facing mounting debts and relentless poverty coupled with seemingly insurmountable personal difficulties. The people we meet at CAP have not only disengaged from their creditors, but are often completely isolated. Going to bed hungry has become the new norm and many have no means to buy or repair essential household items.

In 2018, CAP helped 24,300 adults and children in situations like Nicky’s (inclusive of those interacting with more than one service), bringing stability, providing tools and the self-belief needed to move forward.

Download the report to read more about Nicky’s story and the impact CAP’s Debt Help service, Job Clubs, Life Skills and Fresh Start groups are having across the UK.

Download our 2019 Client report


‘I discovered my partner hadn’t been paying anything. Two months after I left, I started getting letters and bailiffs at my door. A lot of it was Council Tax, as well as a massive two grand water bill that I thought he was paying. I couldn’t keep track of it all and I quickly became overwhelmed. I felt like a failure, especially to my kids. I fell into a really bad depression.’

Low income, mental ill-health and relationship breakdown are the main triggers for CAP clients' debt problems


of outstanding debt is owed to priority creditors, up from 34% in 2017


took out credit to pay a household bill or another debt


When in debt, 63% were scared to open the door and 22% did not leave the house for a week or more


said their mental health deteriorated because of debt worries, 31% found their physical health suffered


lived without carpets and/or curtains in their home, and 8% went without lighting on a daily basis

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