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For CAP, it has never been about the numbers: it has always been about the individual. For 25 years, CAP has existed to help people rewrite their stories. Today, CAP’s story is simply the combination of thousands of stories, like a patchwork quilt, made up of thousands of individual squares representing lives changed.

‘Before, we had felt like statistics, but to CAP we were people, a family. I wanted to use my story to speak up for others.’

Paula, Debt Centre Manager, mum, wife, former CAP client, and one of the storytellers in this year’s Client report


Download the report to read some of these stories and get to know the people behind the numbers.

Download our 2021 Client report


of CAP clients have an income lower than the national average


borrowed money in order to pay another bill or debt


Household peak debt hit a record high, £17,917


said that they had nobody to turn to when they had a problem


of CAP clients had considered or attempted suicide as a way out of debt


of CAP clients didn’t know where to get help with their debt

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