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Christians Against Poverty 2020 Scotland Client report

Is anyone listening?

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Christina began to struggle after she received an unexpected demand to repay £3,000 of Housing Benefit. At the same time her work hours changed, and suddenly she was unable to make ends meet. Despite always trying to live within her means, Christina was suddenly left feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Sadly, Christina’s story is not a one-off case. Thousands of people across Scotland are struggling in problem debt, whilst battling other difficulties such as ill health, relationship breakdown or job loss.  

2020 marks the 20th year that Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has been operating in Scotland. Over that time we have helped thousands of people gain life-changing freedom across all our services, but sadly 2020's coronavirus pandemic means that more than ever people will be in need of our help. We are preparing to meet the increasing need for our Debt Help service, to help more people like Christina, whose story is featured in the report.

Download the report to read more about Christina’s story and the impact CAP’s Debt Help service, Life Skills, Job Clubs and Fresh Start groups are having across Scotland.

Christina, CAP client

‘It was overwhelming and I knew I couldn’t afford to pay them back. Whatever I offered, they always wanted more. I ostracised myself from everyone. I heard about CAP through a Scottish families group. My Debt Coach, Colin, was so good at listening and showing compassion. I ended up going through sequestration, I was finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I can actually sleep at night now.’


was the average client household’s debt


of CAP clients have an income below Scotland’s average


borrowed money in order to pay another bill or debt


of CAP clients felt socially isolated


of CAP clients said debt negatively affected their health


of outstanding debt is owed to priority creditors

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