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In September 2017, CAP were delighted to partner with the Housing and Communities research team at London School of Economics (LSE) for twelve months, the aim of which was to seek to describe, quantify and monetise the impact of our work – to measure the social impact of our services. The report demonstrates the thorough service that CAP provides and how this significantly benefits clients, transforms households and impacts whole communities.

LSE concluded that although the problem of poverty is enormous and complex, CAP’s holistic, personal and long lasting approach has a notably positive impact on people’s mental health, relationships and confidence, providing greater stability for whole families. The report explores and proves the value of our face to face approach and the real difference this makes in the lives of those we work with. Other client benefits as shown by the report include increased levels of employment and ability to manage priority bills, reduced risk of eviction and rent arrears, and long term financial stability.

The benefit of CAP's work to society is calculated to be over 31.5 million pounds per year, in return for an annual expenditure of 8.7 million on poverty relief.

The report shows a network of churches that are heavily invested in their local communities. It demonstrates the incredible value of our face to face approach, and how committed our centre staff are to supporting their clients both physically and emotionally.

LSE examined the various impacts CAP has on our clients, providing feedback on how we can grow and learn in our operations, and celebrating our many strengths as an organisation. Because CAP has always been about looking beyond the financial issues and addressing the whole person, we aim to ensure that every individual receives a holistic service that seeks to benefit their overall wellbeing as much as their financial situation. To see this measured and reflected through LSE’s Social Return on Investment report has given us valuable insight into areas where we can improve, and also highlighted where we are excelling beyond other organisations in our field.

Download the report now and take a more in depth look at the social value that CAP’s work is having all across the UK.


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Over the past 18 months, Pracedo has been working with Christians Against Poverty to deliver a high quality CRM solution. Pracedo’s work will enable CAP to work even more effectively with the churches and frontline workers mentioned in this report, as well as supporters and funders.

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