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The freedom report

Beyond lifting the pressure and stress that unmanageable debt brings, we’re passionate about seeing clients become completely debt free. That’s why our debt management service has always been strongly focused on helping clients completely resolve their financial difficulty. However, to be truly transformative, debt management needs to ensure clients do not slide back into problem debt once they are no longer receiving ongoing input into their financial management.

The freedom report takes a comparative look at the lasting impact of our debt counselling work through Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Debt Relief Orders (DROs). The findings show the important role debt advice plays in building financial capability and resilience to ensure people stay free of problem debt in the long-term.

Watch Matt Barlow, CAP’s CEO, discuss the key findings from the report:

‘This report is significant and encouraging because it shows that if someone gets the right level of support, they can conquer their debt problems. Not only can they become debt free, but also stay in the black, without the need for high-cost credit, successfully managing their household finances for years to come. It tells us that no matter how hopeless a situation can first look, significant change and transformation is possible. I hope you will be encouraged by the life-changing freedom that can be achieved and be prompted to find out how you can play your part.'

Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby
The Archbishop of Canterbury and CAP Patron

‘CAP’s report embodies the combination of empathy and expertise that is essential to providing effective support to people with problem debt. This report spells out the impact that getting free, high-quality advice has on improving financial capability and avoiding debt problems recurring. The data collated in this report echoes the impact of debt advice services across the country in helping people to reduce their debts, take control of their finances and start planning for the future.’

Caroline Rookes – Chief Executive, Money Advice Service

‘At a time when so many are Just About Managing – and many more are not managing at all – The freedom report shows how people in debt can be supported to take back control of their lives. Too often, problem debt can seem to be as endemic as knot-weed, undermining the foundations of our economy and society. The freedom report shows that we shouldn’t accept this counsel of despair. With support, people can lift themselves out of debt and stay there. CAP has done us all a service in showing how it can be done.'

Chris Pond, Vice-Chair of the Financial Inclusion Commission

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‘I discovered my partner hadn’t been paying anything. Two months after I left, I started getting letters and bailiffs at my door. A lot of it was Council Tax, as well as a massive two grand water bill that I thought he was paying. I couldn’t keep track of it all and I quickly became overwhelmed. I felt like a failure, especially to my kids. I fell into a really bad depression.’

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