The Debt Saviours

BBC 2, 9pm, Friday 5 October

Thank you for joining with hundreds of churches across the country in praying with us for this amazing opportunity. Over two million people from local communities are going to see the transformation that CAP and the UK Church are bringing to people’s lives. Can you imagine what could happen as people witness the real hope and community that our amazing clients have found in Christ and their local churches? Your prayers are vital as we need God’s covering on this thing – it’s massive!


Communal prayer

We thank you for this incredible opportunity for people all over the UK to see how the Church and Christians Against Poverty are helping those in desperate need.

We pray that people would be inspired as they see your body – your people – at work, bringing your light and life to the darkness and loneliness that those in UK poverty are facing.

We pray that you would keep Holly, Gareth and the others who have bravely shared their stories safe, and that their testimonies would demonstrate to people the real hope and community that can be found within the local Church.

We ask that you’d enable those struggling with debt, poverty and its causes to find the help they need, and that you’d help us, your Church, to reach out in compassion to the poorest people in our communities.

We pray that this BBC documentary means more people will find a way out of their debt through CAP. We thank you for all their staff who are working to make this happen and pray your blessings over the work of their hands.

Show us how to love those around us, and teach us how to help each other.



Small group prayer points

Pray that:
- As many people as possible watch the documentary

- The documentary would spark conversations around faith and encourage people to connect with their local church

- People would be inspired to get involved in supporting and partnering with us to start up their own CAP services locally

- Those watching who are struggling with debt, poverty and its causes would find the courage to seek the help they need

- The brave clients featured in the programme would know the impact they’re having by sharing their personal stories

- Churches would be energised and inspired in their outreach to the poor

- God would be glorified through this amazing opportunity


Prayer activity:

You need:
(Optional: gingerbread man cutter, pens)

Hang up some string to create a washing line across the room, and cut out some little paper people (you could use a gingerbread man cutter as a guide). As you pray for people to find the help they need, and for people to be inspired to reach out to their communities, peg a person on the washing line to represent those you’re praying for. You could even write your prayer, or a key word, on your little person as you pray.

Prayer resource download



Image download:

Feel free to download this image for use on your screens at church during your prayer time.

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