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​We receive no government funding so we rely on people who share our values to give what they can to help. We are all about bringing justice and 'speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves' and doing it through the local church, which has the only message that gives lasting hope.

We need more people to help us expand to reach those who are today unable to feed their families, living with stress and depression, in the midst of family breakdown or even thinking about suicide - all because of debt. 

Will you throw them a life line and give a gift today?

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​There are thousands of people trapped in debt whose lives and families are being completely destroyed. We have an answer and are ready to help those who live near a CAP Debt Centre. But there are hundreds of people who ring our helpline every month who we can't help.

We are desperate to help anyone that rings our helpline regardless of where they live. To do this we need more people to give so we can open another 220 CAP Debt Centres to add to our existing network of 280.

Will you give regularly to CAP and become a Life Changer today?

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