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Debt Free

Will you give today and break the chains of debt?

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Together, let’s break the chains of debt for another 350 people!

Thank you for considering giving so generously to CAP! Did you know that if you give £50 or more per month, you’ll join a group of over 200 Vision Sponsors?

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A donation today could release someone from debt before Christmas

Right now, CAP has hundreds of clients who are facing an average repayment term of more than 600 years. Despite sticking to their budgets with our support and advice, they will never, ever be able to pay off their debts.

The good news is that CAP is ready to take these people through an official process called a Debt Relief Order to become debt free. The fee is just £90, but their income is so low, they can’t afford it. And that’s why you need to step in.

Today, will you give £90 to help someone become debt free? Or could you give £60 or £30, which we can match with another donation?

Before it felt like there was a tonne of bricks on my shoulders, but now I feel light. After being scared to leave the house, now I’m never in!

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