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You can help a family on their journey to a future free from debt

This autumn, we’re on a mission to raise £32,250 to support 150 families like Francella on their journey out of debt. Will you help?

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Every year, thousands of CAP clients become debt free through a Debt Management Plan. Our experienced Debt Advisors create a bespoke budget for each client, allowing families to live sustainably while paying their creditors monthly. 

It can take several years for some clients to repay their debts. We support them throughout the journey.

For many, it’s the first time they’ve learned how to manage their money. Clients leave CAP knowing how to budget, save and avoid getting back into debt. 93% are still debt free five years on!

For families like Francella’s, becoming debt free through a Debt Management Plan can be truly life transforming – for all generations!

I'll support one family while they repay their debts

I can help two families become debt free

I want to see three families supported throughout their journey out of debt