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£15 a month will change a family's life

£25 a month will change a family's life

£50 a month will change a family's life

£89 lets a family know they're not alone this Christmas

£178 lifts the pressure for two families this Christmas

£215 makes sure a family won’t have to face another Christmas in debt

Right now, UK debt is spiralling. Poverty is robbing millions of the basic essentials they need to survive. This Christmas, we need to act. Will you choose to help?

Susanna's story

This isn't about a political crisis. It's about people like Susanna.

Cancer robbed Susanna of her relationship and the ability to earn a living. She lost control of her finances and faced losing her home as she was unable to pay her mortgage. She believed suicide was the only way out.

Susanna is not alone. Alongside the local Church, we’re working with thousands of families to make sure they won’t have to face another Christmas in debt. With your support, we can stand with those who are broken and hurting to demonstrate the real spirit of Christmas: that God is with us, even in circumstances that feel insurmountable.

The UK is in the grip of a debt crisis.

Ten years ago, most problem debt came from credit cards, store cards and loans. Today, our nation is increasingly struggling with priority debts like mortgage, rent, utilities and Council Tax arrears, which can have serious consequences when not paid. More and more often, we’re meeting people who are going without the basic essentials to try and pay back what they owe.

Imagine having to choose between feeding your family or facing eviction for not paying your rent arrears. It’s a choice no one in our society should have to make.

CAP is on the frontline. Demand for debt advice is higher than it’s ever been and people in desperate situations aren’t getting the support they critically need. We can’t sit back and let poverty wreak havoc across our nation. We need to stand united. The time to act is now.

Average priority debt owed by new CAP clients when seeking help by year.

Priority debt includes mortgage, rent, utilities and Council Tax arrears etc


Your gift could lift the weight off a family's shoulders as we take over negotiations with creditors on their behalf.


You could give two families the peace of knowing CAP is dealing with their creditors.


Your donation could see a family become debt free by this time next year.

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Together, we can bring peace to families like Susanna’s this Christmas. Will you give today and help tackle the debt crisis gripping our nation?

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Prayer is at the centre of everything we do at CAP because we know it changes things. More than ever, our nation needs our prayers. Discover how you and your church can join in.

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