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The average number of years someone helped by CAP’s insolvency bursary would otherwise be repaying their debts


The amount of people CAP helped become debt free last year


The number of people who give regularly to support the work of CAP (we call them Life Changers!)

Joanne’s story

Dedicated mother Joanne worked hard to provide for eight year old Ire, but a single income was simply not enough. Her finances began to affect everything and she worried she was disappointing her son.

‘My finances impacted every aspect of life - even my parenting. Ire used to grab my cheeks and say, “You never smile, Mummy”.’

Joanne’s local church offered her a lifeline through their CAP Debt Centre. Head office worked out the best option for Joanne and Ire: bankruptcy, a type of insolvency.

Without this vital safety net, Joanne would have been repaying her debts until Ire was an adult. But insolvency has a fee attached, one that many of our clients simply cannot afford. They simply cannot afford the cost of becoming debt free.

CAP was able to use its insolvency bursary to top up what Joanne had saved. She can now celebrate a debt free Christmas this year!

‘The help I got towards my bankruptcy fees was the freedom that led to a little door that will lead to so many other doors that will be opened. I am always smiling now!’

The generosity of passionate people like you has opened the door to a hope-filled future for Joanne. She no longer has to worry about opening the post or picking up the phone. Instead, her life is full of peace. Joanne and Ire have all they need this Christmas.

Who are Christians Against Poverty?

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a Christian charity that provides free debt help and local community groups through UK churches to anyone in need. We exist to equip churches who are serving the community, tackling poverty at the root and showing God's love to others.


This Christmas, will you give to help others who are trapped in debt? Your gift could open the door to a hope-filled future for a family like Joanne’s. Donating online today means we can put your gift straight to work.

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Our target for this appeal is £75,000. Any funds raised above this will go towards helping more families in need, wherever the need is greatest.

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