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Stories in numbers


The amount of people CAP helped become debt free last year


The average number of years someone helped by CAP’s insolvency bursary would otherwise be repaying their debts

£75 & £250

The most commonly needed amounts to help our insolvency clients become debt free

Open a door of opportunity this Christmas

Joanne is a hard-working single mum who was struggling to make ends meet on her income. Trapped in debt, she felt afraid and ashamed at her situation. But with the support of her local church and CAP Debt Centre, she was able to find a way forward.

For some of our clients on the tightest budgets, insolvency is their only hope of becoming debt free. But even insolvency comes with a cost. When Joanne learned her bankruptcy fees would be close to £700, her heart sank. She couldn’t imagine ever managing to save up that much money.

While Joanne budgeted brilliantly and saved up as much as she could, CAP was able to use its bursary fund to help her reach her target. It means she can celebrate a debt free Christmas this year!

‘The help I got towards my bankruptcy fees was the freedom that led to a little door that will lead to so many other doors that will be opened.’ - Joanne

The insolvency bursary is used to cover insolvency fees for clients who are unable to afford them. The amounts most commonly needed by our clients are £75 or £250, but any amount you give could open the door to a debt free future. That’s the power of the Church in action – your generosity is magnified as donations combine to see people become debt free.

This Christmas, will you give to help others who are trapped in debt? Your gift could set someone free from poverty.


This Christmas, will you give to help others who are trapped in debt? Your gift could open the door to a hope-filled future for a family like Joanne’s. Donating online today means we can put your gift straight to work.

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Our target for this appeal is £75,000. Any funds raised above this will go towards helping more families in need, wherever the need is greatest.

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