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Will you give £5 a month to help more people become debt free and discover the hope of Jesus?

How will my donation be used?

A gift of £5 a month could give more people the chance to begin their journey to becoming debt free and discover the eternal hope of Jesus.

Who are Christians Against Poverty?

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a UK charity that offers a range of services to help people find freedom from debt, unemployment and other causes of poverty. All of CAP’s services are run through local churches, supporting those in their community who are struggling under the weight of debt and poverty.

‘Before we were welcomed into our church family, Charlotte and me were totally lost.’

When Dave and Char began dabbling with drugs some years ago, they thought they were in control. They weren’t prepared for addiction to overwhelm them and soon found themselves weighed down by crushing debt.

Thankfully, Char contacted CAP. Local CAP Debt Coach, Elaine, and befriender Steve came to visit. Char was really grateful to have someone to talk to, and they offered her a leaflet explaining the gospel. At their next visit, Char asked if she could say the prayer to ask Jesus to be a part of her life. Steve offered to pray for Dave, too, and Dave knew that God was calling to him.

With the support of Elaine and their local church community, the weight of debt and addiction has been lifted from Dave and Char’s shoulders.

With God’s love, they have discovered the strength to transform their lives.

They’ve also found faith and hope in Jesus. The couple are involved in church throughout the week, and regularly support those in their community who are struggling with the same things they once did. When they were baptised in 2019, so many people came along to support them that it was the biggest baptism the church has ever seen!

‘Thanks to CAP and God’s Church, the change in us has been immense – in our lives, our hearts, our heads and our community.’

Will you help lift the weight of debt from someone like Dave and Char today by giving a monthly gift of £5?

Other ways to give

There are lots of ways you can give! Whether you’d like to plan a birthday fundraiser or set up a regular donation, you’ll find easy-to-follow guides here. Have a browse and find the option that’s right for you.

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