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Joblessness should not equal hopelessness!

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‘Now I’m on the right path. I’ve got the Lord on my side. It’s a totally different world. It’s been flipped upside down on its head. It’s fantastic. There’s no need to worry anymore.’

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Trapped in an eight year cycle of unemployment, Ben’s dreams and ambitions began to wither away. Applying for job after job and never hearing back, he lost hope; His mental health worsened. He struggled to leave the house. He even considered suicide.

Jobless and hopeless, Ben had nothing left and no way out. Until one evening when his friend insisted he come out for a drink with him.

Meeting Gareth at the bar that night led Ben to his local CAP Job Club, where he encountered the love of God through a supportive church community.

After finding not just work, but hope in Jesus, Ben has never looked back.

Christians Against Poverty provides practical and emotional support for jobseekers for work through the compassionate community of their 149 job clubs, in partnership with the local Church.

There are many in your community who are still desperate. Will you give just £5 a month to support these people as they regain their confidence and learn the skills they need to find work? And don’t miss out on the chance to double your impact for a whole year, thanks to match funding.

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