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Since working with CAP


of clients sleep better

Since working with CAP


of clients feel more positive

Since working with CAP


of clients feel more confident opening their post

Help restore hope for someone like Rebekka

Rebekka was estranged from her parents at 16, then suffered a miscarriage and lost her daughter, Riley, at 17 weeks. Then she found out her ex-partner had been taking out credit in her name. Rebekka had experienced more than her fair share of grief, loss and betrayal and debt – and all before the age of 18.

At her lowest ebb, Rebekka called CAP.

Bev, one of our New Enquiries team, immediately made her feel at ease and found Rebekka’s nearest CAP Debt Centre. Bev then passed the baton on to Johnny and Vicki (Rebekka’s local CAP team) who collected all her debt paperwork so CAP could work out a repayment plan with her creditors. It wasn’t long before they all became good friends, and the pair invited her to church. 

Rebekka’s first day in church was another huge turning point, just like that first call.

With the support of CAP and her church, Rebekka was baptised in October 2019 and became debt free just after Easter in 2020! She’s much more confident, and even in the midst of a pandemic, she’s been able to make plans for her future – she started university in September!

Rebekka is still only 23, and now she has such a promising future ahead of her, thanks to God’s grace and your support.

And it all started with that first call to CAP.

Will you give today and support someone like Rebekka as they take that first step to rebuild their lives?


This Easter, your gift could help answer calls from others like Rebekka, so they can begin rebuilding their lives. Will you give £69 today? Donating online today means we can put your gift straight to work.

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