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people became debt free through CAP last year

39 years

The average time it would have taken people to repay their debts without an insolvency solution from CAP


Average household peak debt in the UK

How CAP's insolvency bursary got Pete back on his feet

‘Insolvency was the fresh start I needed. The bursary enabled me to get back on my feet a lot quicker. When I woke up the day after my insolvency came through I thought, “I’m like everyone else again”. It was a fantastic feeling.’

How we met Pete

Pete met CAP Debt Coach Allan (pictured) after he’d built up some debts he thought he could repay. His relationship had broken down and he had become increasingly dependent on alcohol. Then he lost his job, and things began to spiral. Eventually he ended up living in a homeless hostel. That’s when he called CAP’s Freephone helpline and was put in touch with his local Debt Coach, Allan.

Pete’s only option

Pete’s only option was insolvency. He needed to clear his debts to get back on his feet. But even insolvency comes at a cost: in Pete’s case, £200. An impossible amount for someone who has lost everything.

That’s where our amazing CAP supporters came in, their generosity enabling us to cover his insolvency fees through our bursary fund.

A fresh start through CAP’s insolvency bursary

Thanks to the generosity of amazing CAP supporters we were able to cover Pete’s insolvency fees through our bursary fund.

Pete now has his own flat that Allan helped furnish. It has ‘the best view in Inverness’ and means his daughters (aged 16 and 19) can come and stay.

What is CAP’s insolvency bursary?

The insolvency bursary is used to cover insolvency fees for clients who are unable to afford them. Insolvency can offer someone with a life sentence of debt a light at the end of the tunnel, giving them a precious opportunity to move on in life.

Will you help top up our insolvency bursary fund today? Your gift can restore hope to someone like Pete, getting them one vital step closer to going debt free.

£47 could give someone hope of a debt free future

£47 could give someone hope of a debt free future

£94 could give someone hope of a debt free future

£240 could give someone hope of a debt free future

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