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Jenny and Steve's story

 ‘We never would have been able to come through this as a family without CAP. They don’t just deal with the money, they deal with the emotions and practical things – there’s a wholeness in the way that they deal with it.’

Going hungry

Jenny, Steve and their three children were overwhelmed by debt when we first met them back in 2015. At one point, Jenny had no food in the house, and had just 68p in her wallet to feed three hungry children.

It can be done

As soon as CAP Debt Coach Angela heard that they were in trouble, she came straight over. She told Jenny and Steve to bring every piece of paper they had, and took them all away to sort out. Angela promised them that there was a way out and it could be done.

Debt free

When Jenny and Steve became debt free, a huge weight was lifted off of their shoulders. They could breathe easy and sleep at night again.

Six years on

After becoming debt free back in 2016, Jenny, Steve and their three children are still thriving. They’ve been able to pass on the money management skills they’ve learned to their children, and say that the future looks bright for their family.


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