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Will you give today and break the chains of debt?


Become a Life Changer today and your regular gift will be match funded for the next twelve months, meaning double the impact at no extra cost to you!

Thank you for considering giving so generously to CAP! Did you know that if you give £50 or more per month, you’ll join a group of over 200 Vision Sponsors?

Become a Vision Sponsor

Here in the UK, there are thousands of people trapped in debt whose lives are being destroyed. Today, they will miss meals. Tomorrow, they will choose between heating their homes or having clean clothes. 1 in 3 even consider suicide*. Anyone can see that's wrong and you can help stop it.

Over 29,000 people give regularly to CAP to provide hope for other people's debt nightmare in the 303 communities where we have debt centres.

Just as debt is more than a maths problem, so the solution needs to be too. CAP now runs 645 frontline services in local communities.

But hundreds of people ring our helpline every month who we can't help because they don't live in the right place. Will you join us so we can reach more people living in the grip of poverty before it's too late?

A gift to CAP will mean that we can expand our services and open more CAP Debt Centres across the UK.

*CAP Client Report 2019


*Please note if you’re already a Life Changer and want to increase your giving, only the increased amount will be match funded. For example, if you’ve been giving £10 per month and increase to £15, £5 will be matched, bringing your total donation to £20. Any brand new Life Changer gifts will be entirely match funded!

Before it felt like there was a tonne of bricks on my shoulders, but now I feel light. After being scared to leave the house, now I’m never in!

- Holly

If you have any problems with your donation, please contact our Supporter Relations team on 01274 760761 or email
You have the right to cancel your donation within seven days of making the donation. If you do wish to cancel your donation then your donation will be returned to you.

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