Become a CAP Ambassador

Are you passionate about seeing poverty beaten in the UK? Do you have a desire to get more involved and see CAP grow? If so, then becoming a CAP Ambassador could be for you!

CAP Ambassadors are passionate supporters of CAP that volunteer their time to promote our work and services. Our Ambassadors are vital to what we do; their desire to spread the word has practically empowered us to see CAP’s vision become a reality. Together, we can see hope restored, people freed from debt, and lives transformed across the UK.

Are you a proactive person with the confidence to inspire your church and community to run CAP Money Courses, open a Debt Centre, become Life Changers and more?

The three main ways to get involved locally are:

• In your own church: Promoting CAP within your own church and with your church leaders.

• Local promotion: Representing CAP locally to other churches, organisations, leaders and your own friends and contacts.

• Events: Ambassadors are encouraged to help at events such as training days, supporter conferences, fundraising events and exhibition stands.

If this sounds exciting, then CAP’s ‘One Year’ Ambassador role could be for you. Get involved and see what you can do in a year to change the face of debt in the UK. Afterwards, we’d love to review and consider your involvement with us on a longer term basis; to actively support, equip and resource you.

All you need to do is fill out the form below to receive further information on CAP’s One Year Ambassador Role. Feel free to contact Faith Chrisp or Naomi Bonser-Ward if you have any questions on 01274 760560.

or, enter your address manually

If you're anything like us, you'll love hearing stories about the people we help! We'd love to keep in touch with you!

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