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The Great Big Fish & Tricks Night

Join us for a fish and chip feast with a touch of the extraordinary! We’ll be celebrating the courageous and inspiring CAP clients in your area. You’ll also have a chance to give towards seeing even more families released from the grip of poverty through the work of CAP.

Watch this short teaser video for a glimpse of what to expect on the night.

Let's all chip in...

Every pound raised on the night will be ploughed back in to the work we're doing across the UK. Together, let's serve notice on UK poverty!

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What to expect on the night

It’s going to be a relaxed, fun night filled with delicious food and inspiring stories. Come and enjoy a fish and chip feast while we treat you to some illusions.

Most importantly, we’ll be celebrating your incredible local CAP centres and services and hearing from courageous clients whose lives have been changed thanks to support from people just like you.

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Sep 7:00pm


The Met Hotel Leeds, King St, Leeds, LS1 2HQ RSVP deadline: 4th Sep at 7:00pm

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Sep 7:00pm


Hilton Reading, Drake Way, Reading, RG2 0GQ RSVP deadline: 18th Sep at 7:00pm

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Oct 7:00pm


St Mary's London, Wyndham Place, London, W1H 1PQ RSVP deadline: 2nd Oct at 7:00pm

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Oct 7:00pm


Ten Square Hotel Belfast, 10 Donegal Square South, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 5JD RSVP deadline: 9th Oct at 7:00pm

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Nov 7:00pm


Adelphi Hotel Liverpool, Ranelagh St, Liverpool, L3 5UL RSVP deadline: 30th Oct at 7:00pm

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Nov 7:00pm


Leicester Tigers Rugby Club, Mattioli Woods Welford Road Stadium, Leicester, LE2 7TR RSVP deadline: 6th Nov at 7:00pm

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