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'I was hungry and you gave me something to eat... Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'
Matthew 25: 35-40

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Our work is founded on prayer; as a charity we have time set aside in our working day for it and we acknowledge that we can do no worthy thing without God on board.

We would love you to join us in prayer – this page will be regularly updated with situations that need prayer. You can also receive our quarterly prayer diary though the post or receive weekly text alerts with a client's prayer need.

Thank you for supporting our work and vision through your prayers and faithfulness.

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Last updated on 26 February 2018

A game-changing dinner and a miraculous milestone

calendar18 November 2016

A couple of (not so) little things to lift to God this week - our London fundraising dinner is happening tomorrow (eek!) and we’ve had some pretty major news concerning client commitments.

Firstly, please would you pray for our London 20th Celebrations and Fundraising Dinner happening at Old Billingsgate in London tomorrow (Saturday 19 November)? This is our biggest of the year with almost one thousand guests confirmed to attend. Our generous supporters have already pledged an amazing £235,000 in matched funding and we’re hoping this will be the financial breakthrough we need to see us on our way to having one thousand UK services by 2021 and so many more lives transformed. We really need to just hand it to God and trust in his faithful provision. Please also spare a prayer for our Key Supporters team who have done an incredible and tireless job organising this event!

Speaking of God’s faithfulness, we’ve seen it in abundance this week as we hit a miraculous milestone. Since CAP began in 1996, SIX THOUSAND of our clients have come to know Jesus in their lives! Isn’t that just mind-blowing? And that’s not all - one thousand of those commitments have happened in the last twelve months alone! Yes, it may have taken us 19 years to reach five thousand, but this year God has seriously taken the hand brake off! What a blessing! We couldn’t be more delighted for all those people who are now walking with God and experiencing his wonderful love every day. Please join us in praying for every single one of these six thousand people, praising God for what he has done in their lives already and asking that, wherever they are on their journey, they would continue to grow in faith from here on out.

Thank you.

John Kirkby heads down under

calendar28 October 2016

Next week, CAP’s Founder and International Director, John Kirkby, will be going down under to meet with the team running CAP Australia. This is a great opportunity for both JK and the Australia team to catch up, share feedback and pray for the ever growing impact of CAP around the world. Please join us in praying for this trip, which is set to be pretty non-stop for our John!

As John meets with the CAP Australia core team, pray that he is able to influence them in a positive way and be a source of encouragement, and vice versa.

Please pray for the fundraising dinner in Sydney, which is taking place on Friday 4 November. As with all of our UK dinners, this event is a vital source of income for the Oz operation so let’s ask God to bless the hearts and minds of those who attend and those who are speaking, including John.

Likewise, John will be doing a talk at Darling Street Anglican Church in Sydney on Sunday 6 November. Let’s pray that this raises CAP’s profile in all the best ways - by encouraging more churches to partner with CAP Australia; by moving people to donate; and of course by getting the word out to those who need CAP’s help.

The following Monday, John will be visiting major donors in and around the area and no doubt doing some big, bold asks! Pray that God is with him every step of the way, encouraging him when he is nervous and giving him the perfect words to say in each situation.

JK will be doing an awful lot of travelling over the course of the week, flying here, there and everywhere, so please pray your blessing over these journeys as well; that they would be uneventful, easy and not too exhausting for him, in order that his energy can be preserved for the incredible work he’s going to be doing over there.

Thank you for your prayers.

Let’s pray for the real Daniel Blakes of the UK

calendar20 October 2016

With the release of Ken Loach’s docu-film I, Daniel Blake this week, here at CAP we have been thinking even more than usual about ‘the real Daniel Blake’, hearing stories of CAP clients who have been in this same frustrating situation - unable to work due to health problems, yet unable to claim benefits due to being deemed fit to work. It is a topic which needs prayer from various angles.

Firstly, for the people struggling as we speak. A man in Derbyshire has had five heart attacks and is receiving treatment for a brain tumour but is being repeatedly put forward for manual labour work by the Job Centre, despite having been categorically told by his GP he cannot work. There are single parents like the film’s character Katie, who are going hungry to make sure their children are fed and going to the most extreme lengths to provide for them. Please pray that God brings them to CAP and provides the love, support and change they need.

Secondly, for the people in charge. The DWP and Job Centre are somewhat villainised in the film, but they do a fantastic job of referring people to CAP where they ultimately get the help they need. Please pray for the continued success of this partnership and for other referrers to join with us.

Thirdly, for the work being done by the Church for Daniel Blakes all over the UK. When a couple from Oxfordshire couldn’t work due to ill health, fell into debt and faced losing their home, the Job Centre referred them to the local CAP centre. They were brought food (the first hot meal they’d had in a month), supported through a lengthy but ultimately successful DWP appeal and were even able to get married when the church congregation decided to all chip in and give them a wedding they would never have been able to afford otherwise. Let’s praise God for the Church actively standing up for people like this and helping to change lives every day.

Finally, let’s pray that Loach’s film instigates a change; that lots of church decision-makers see it and are moved to make a difference, perhaps by joining with CAP; and that viewers are prompted to support not only debt charities but foodbanks and other help sources as well.

Thank you, as always, for praying.

Church Leaders’ Breakfasts

calendar14 October 2016

Next week, CAP is hosting breakfasts for church leaders in Leeds, Manchester, Dudley and Nottingham. These events will allow church decision-makers to learn more about CAP and are an ideal opportunity to begin paving the way for more churches to partner with CAP, opening centres and bringing hopes to their communities. Please join us in praying God’s blessing over these events and that CAP’s Christ-centred heart for the poor would be evident to all who attend.

Upcoming fundraising dinners and new centre staff

calendar07 October 2016

As CAP hosts a fundraising dinner in Belfast this weekend, we ask that you would pray for an outpouring of generosity from all who attend as they grow deeper in their understanding of CAP’s work and witness God’s heart in the centre of it. Currently there are 22 active CAP centres in Northern Ireland - with faith and a little push, we believe this could grow and result in the lives of many more families being transformed in that area and across the rest of the UK. Please keep this in your heart as your pray over the next week.

Similarly, we are in the process of sending out invitations for our London fundraising dinner in November. Please pray your blessing over those invitations as they go out; that each recipient would be encouraged to come along to this wonderful event.

Finally, this week head office welcomed 87 new centre staff training to expand our work to even more parts of the nation. Your prayers would be appreciated as they now go home with lots of new information to process and a real passion to make changes in their communities.

Thanks as always for praying.

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