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The ingredients for your party…


Organising a Flipping Marvellous Pancake Party? Need a few extra resources? Here you’ll find all the ingredients you need to pull off a totally cracking event. Inspire your guests with Jenny’s incredible story, get competitive with the Great Big Pancake Quiz, and get your hands on a few more posters and placemats to deck out your venue. Job’s a good ‘un.

Social media shareables

Get sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or any other social media platform you use (we won’t judge you for still using MySpace). Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CAPPancakeParty

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zip Social media shareables zip8.7MB

The Great Big Pancake Quiz

Stuck for ways to entertain your Pancake Party guests? Test their crêpe-based knowledge by challenging them to this quiz! Use the stickers in your pack as prizes, bring your own, or ask guests to contribute.


File NameFile Size
docx The big pancake quiz docx64KB

Press release

To help you spread the word about your Pancake Party, we’ve put together this press release which you can send to newspapers, magazines and radio stations in your area. Simply edit the bits in red and you’re good to go.

File NameFile Size
docx Press release docx120KB

Posters and placemat

Little things like where you display your collection box and posters around your venue can make a big difference. It’s a good idea to put up your A3 Gift Aid form and A4 competition poster close together to encourage people to sign up. Print out extra copies here if you need them.

Jenny’s Story

This is what your Pancake Party is all about: raising funds to see people like Jenny released from the grip of poverty. Share her incredible story with your guests.

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Host Guide

We’ve packed this host guide full of inspiration, ideas and tips to help you plan your Pancake Party. Take a look and get cracking!

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pdf The Host Guide pdf6.1MB


Lots of people to invite? Brilliant! You can print out as many invitations as you need here.

File NameFile Size
pdf Invitations pdf1.3MB

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