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Thank you for deciding to host your own Flipping Marvellous Pancake Party. We can’t wait to hear how much fun you have as you stack up funds for Christians Against Poverty.

This page is designed for you to get some great online resources you’ll need for your pancake party, including invitations, social media images, and a host guide which will give you creative inspiration and handy tips to help promote your event.

You can find these resources below.

Host guide

Your very own handy host guide with all you need to host the perfect pancake party.


Here’s some posters to sweeten up your venue – one to go up on the night, and one to put up after the evening so you can let your guests know how much they raised overall.


Use these specially designed invites to invite your friends along to your flipping marvellous evening.

Social media

Client video

Download this inspiring story to show on the evening, to inspire your guests to go flat out against poverty.