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Hints and tips

Sponsored events make people feel great: they provide entertainment and fun, while donating to a good cause means we know we’re doing something good. Don’t be shy about asking others to donate to your fundraiser. After all, raising money is the whole point, and you don’t want to put lots of work in for no results. Chances are, they’ll be glad to be involved!

Practical tips

  • Make it easy for people to donate, no matter where they are, by setting up an online giving page such as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.
  • Always have your sponsor form (which we’ll create and send to you in your pack) ready to sign people up.
  • Remind people that if they’re eligible for Gift Aid, filling in that section of the form will increase the amount you raise.
  • Match funding is a great incentive to give. You might think only big fundraising events and appeals get match funding, but it’s worth asking local banks or businesses if they will support you in this way. It’s good publicity for them and doubles the amount of money you raise.
  • Make sure everyone knows when your event is happening. Remind them a few days before!

The beginner’s guide to publicity

  • Use social media to spread the word: share photos and stories from your sponsored event to get people’s attention and then point them towards the link to your giving page.
  • Not confident using social media? Don’t underestimate the good old-fashioned tactic of asking someone face to face if they’ll sponsor you. Ask people at work, church, family and any other networks you have.
  • Don’t assume people know why you’re doing this. Inspire them by sharing why CAP is important to you and what we can do with the money you raise.
  • Imagine you’re telling your sponsors a story. Share updates as you prepare for your event and let them feel involved.

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