A celebration of God at work through your CAP centre.

CAP Celebration

Thank you for all the incredible work you’re doing in your local community, bringing hope to so many through your church’s CAP service.

What better way to celebrate and thank God for the transformation that’s been possible than hosting your very own CAP Celebration this year?

Your CAP Celebration will inspire your church about the life-changing work you’re doing and the transformation you’re seeing right on your doorstep, every single day.

You’ll be able to show your church how God is using CAP and churches like yours across the UK to bring people into the light and give them hope.

Sign up to host your own CAP Celebration

We also have an experienced team of CAP speakers who present our work at over 450 churches every year, who would be delighted to come and speak at your church’s CAP Celebration. If you’d like to book a CAP speaker, please email capcelebration@capuk.org or request a speaker by signing up to host your celebration.

Request a CAP speaker


How do I run a CAP Celebration?

First choose a date to host your celebration. Perhaps you could host it on your CAP anniversary? Then simply sign up and then get downloading our online resources:

  • A how-to guide, including: prayer points and information on how to interview your own client as part of your service, so that your church can hear the real life story of someone that you’ve helped right on your doorstep.
  • Cue cards to help you deliver your 10-15 minute talk about the work that your CAP service is doing - feel free to expand this content as much as you’d like and don’t be afraid to make it your own! Alternatively, don’t forget you can request a CAP speaker by emailing capcelebration@capuk.org.
  • Posters to build up a buzz in the lead up to your CAP Celebration.

Online resources

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