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Will you give today and shine a light in the darkness of poverty?

Will you give today and shine a light in the darkness of poverty?

How will my donation be used?

By giving £12 today, you can help CAP answer a helpline call to someone trapped in the darkness of poverty.

‘In the past when I was all on my own, I thought that there was never any hope and it was always dark. Now I’m living in a brighter, bigger, more colourful life. To me it’s like night and day. The past is the dark, but now it’s the day, a new beginning, that darkness is all gone, the light is shining.’

- Sharon

When Sharon was in debt, life felt like a long, dark night. Poverty can seem like an overwhelming darkness. It’s time for the Church to shine brighter than ever.

We can only help clients like Sharon, because people like you choose to give the gift of hope through their donations. We may be spread across many households, but this is a picture of the extraordinary things God can do when we work together.

This CAP Sunday, we’re asking if you could give £12. That’s how much it costs us to answer a call to our helpline. It means we can make sure the next person like Sharon who calls, receives that desperately-needed support and hope from their local church. It’s the start of a journey that goes from the darkness of debt and poverty to the bright new day of a debt-free life!

Will you give £12 today and bring light where there is darkness for someone like Sharon?