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CAP Life Skills Coach


Thank you so much for considering joining us as a CAP Life Skills Coach. This is your opportunity to join a rapidly growing movement of people who are working together to tackle one of the biggest social problems facing us today. We’re so excited for you to join the family!

Who are we?

We’re on a mission to set people in our nation free from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. Our 600 services, including debt centres, job clubs, release groups and life skills groups, are all run through local churches, meaning we can offer our clients not only expert practical support, but companionship, hope and a chance to hear the Gospel too. By 2021, we want to have 1,000 CAP services open across the UK, so we can show poverty who’s boss in every community.

At our core, we’re:

  • Passionate and compassionate: We do what we do because we care deeply about seeing people released from debt, poverty and their causes
  • Excellent and generous: We go above and beyond for our clients
  • Courageous: Who wants to settle for the same old when we can push for bigger and better?
  • Fun and united: We’re one big CAP family!
  • Christ-centred: We know none of this would be possible without Jesus

CAP Life Skills

All CAP’s services are run through local churches to engage and support people in their communities. CAP Life Skills are designed to help members gain confidence and decision making skills to survive life on a low income, as well as offering them the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Hear from some of our existing job club staff and other service managers below about why they love what they do!


Your role as a CAP Life Skills Coach would be to assist and support the CAP Life Skills Manager in the set up and running of the life skills group. You would lead sessions and support members as they work through the course materials. All of this must be done in a way that positively reflects the Christian faith and the Core Values of the charity.

You’ll usually decide your minimum time commitment with the CAP Life Skills Manager, but generally it’s in the region of two to four hours a week.


  • To support the CAP Life Skills Manager in the weekly running of all three elements of the group (Course, Community and Coaching) for a minimum of 26 weeks per year, according to the structure defined at training
  • To support members as they aim to reach their targets and complete modules
  • To intentionally demonstrate and promote the Christian gospel with members
  • To participate in all initial and ongoing training required by CAP, in order to offer the best service possible
  • To promote the work of CAP within your church
  • To promote the work of CAP to friends, families and contacts to increase support and awareness of the charity – this includes encouraging support through the CAP Life Changer programme


This bit’s just the facts and formalities – excuse us for going all official on you! It’s basically a breakdown of what you’ll need to ace this role.



  • Evidence of passion for the poor and evangelism, and outworking of this


  • Experience of mentoring or coaching
  • Experience of leading a small group or project


(We know this is quite a list, but if you can tick off a few you’re off to a strong start!)

  • The ability and desire to explain the Gospel in a clear, relevant and natural way
  • A compassionate, friendly, relational person who is able to lead and motivate others
  • Excellent communication skills, in groups and in one-to-one environments
  • Good time and task management
  • Enjoys relationship building
  • Ability to develop strengths, skills and motivation in others
  • Experience of working both on your own and as part of a team
  • Experience of working with a wide variety of people (beneficial to have experience of working with people on a low income)
  • High emotional intelligence and understanding of the human factors involved in the role

Christian commitment

  • Must be able to give both verbal assent to and practical demonstration of Christians Against Poverty’s Statement of Faith and Core Values
  • Must be able to actively take part in prayer and worship, whether individual, in a small group or corporately, as an expression of own personal faith and in line with CAP’s Statement of Faith
  • What happens next?


    1. Tell us a bit more about yourself by filling out the application form at the end of this pack.
    2. Once we’ve received your application, we’ll read and process it within 48 hours.
    3. The next step will be an invitation to one of our selection days held at our head office in Bradford. Not to fret over – just an opportunity to get to know one another better!
    4. We’ll contact you after the selection day and, if you’re successful, we’ll book you in for our next training course.

    Any questions? Give our selection team a shout on 01274 760797.


    Training is residential and is held at our head office in Bradford over an evening and two full days. We’ll provide meals and all training materials whilst you’re training with us. If you’re opening a new service and submit your application and reference form before the early bird deadline, we’ll be able to provide accommodation for you too.


    We hold two annual conferences – they’re a brilliant opportunity for us to come together to worship God, connect with other CAP workers and be re-inspired by our vision. We would love for you to join us, but don’t worry, it’s not a deal-breaker if you can’t make it!

    We also hold two regional Revive Days a year – these are organised by your CAP Area Manager and are an opportunity for you to connect with others working with CAP in your region. Again, we would love for you to join your regional team at these, but it’s ok if you can’t.

    Your application

    This is your chance to tell us who you are! What’s in your heart? What are your passions? What makes you tick? We love meeting new people and we’re excited to get to know you better! You’ll find the link to your application form in the original email.

    Thank you

    Submit your application, sit back and relax – aah!

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