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Funding your church

If your church partners with CAP, then we're here to help you get the funding you need!

Training events

Phone consultation

Once you’ve watched the video and read the resources linked below, book in a phone call with Mackie, our Church Funding Specialist, to chat through what your church needs in terms of funding and what’s the best approach for you.

Book a slot

Request video training

Alongside the written guide (below) we have five training videos you can use. To access these, email for details.

One to one training

We may be able to visit your church to speak with your leaders or funding co-ordinator. We have no roadtrips planned at the moment, but if you’d like to register your interest, send us an email at

To request a visit in Wales, The South West, the South Coast and the West and East Midlands this year, email

Mackie Fisher

Mackie Fisher - Church Funding Specialist

Local churches are amazing. My goal is help you and your church find the money you need to run your church activities and reach your community with good news and social change.

CAP’s Grants and Trusts team is behind you as a church. So far, we have equipped our local church partners to raise over £2.8 million. As you grow and serve your community, we want to help you.

As well as my role of Church Funding Specialist, I’m also a Project Information Officer at CAP. This means I have experience applying for funding, researching funding opportunities, and generally doing everything involved in the process of getting money to fund great community projects. I can apply all this expertise as I work with you and your church.

I’m looking forward to working with you. Click the ‘book a slot’ button to arrange a chat.

Book a slot

Documents and resources

We have written some really helpful resources for you. Along with a guide to funding your centre, we also have some helpful walkthroughs. You will also find links to our most recent reports and research.

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