Selection day

Are you ready for selection day?

It’s going to be a fantastic event with a chance to get to know one another better and for you to get a taste for how CAP works. During the day you’ll also get to meet several other potential service managers and debt coaches working in the same capacity as you – a great opportunity to share tips!

For specific date and times, please check the emails we’ve sent you.

How to find us

The selection day will take place at our head office in Bradford. The full address is:

Jubilee Mill
North Street

Click here for directions.

If you’re travelling by car, please park in the visitor parking bays in the top car park beside the main reception (at the top of the hill). Be aware we have two buildings – Jubilee Mill and the Jubilee Centre. The selection day is in Jubilee Mill on North Street, further up the hill from the Jubilee Centre.

If you’re travelling by train, the nearest stations are Bradford Interchange and Forster Square, both no more than a ten minute walk from head office.

Who’s the person to contact?

Our Services Selection Administrator, Michaela McGregor, will be your point of contact on arrival and can be reached on 01274 760797 on the day.

What will be happening throughout the day?

Here’s a rundown:

Introduction and prayer
Tour and Q&A
Interview* or group exercise** (rotation)
Interview* or group exercise** (rotation)

*As part of the interview, we’ll be asking you about your evangelistic experience and to explain the gospel in a clear and concise way through a short evangelistic role play (you knew all those embarrassing school drama classes would come in handy one day!) We might also ask for examples of where you’ve shared your faith with others – please have a think about anything in particular you’d like to say in advance.

**During the day you’ll be taking part in a group origami exercise (there’s method in our madness, we promise!) To prepare for the first part of the task, we’ve asked you to learn how to make a simple origami shape. Each member of your team will have been asked to learn a different shape, and on the day you’ll teach each other how to make your shape. Your individual instructions can be found on your confirmation email.

If you’ve got any questions, please just give the selection team a call on 01274 760797.

What happens if I’m successful at the selection day?

Hooray! You’re moving on up! If you’re successful on selection day, you’ll be invited to attend compulsory residential training in Bradford. For further details on dates, please check your confirmation email or give our team a call on 01274 760797.

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