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CAP and the Baptist Church

Steve Clifford

General Director, Evangelical Alliance

'I love the way that CAP is supporting churches in their mission to reach in and serve their communities!'

Our CAP Story

David Gordon — Kirkintilloch Baptist Church

One of our core commitments as a church is to build multiple connecting points with the community. A couple came to our elders and said they’d heard of this charity called CAP that helps people, and we felt it was something God wanted us to pursue.

We find it’s easier to raise finance for reaching out to the community, because that’s already on people’s hearts. It’s a significant financial commitment, so we went to the church and said we need an increase in giving to do this, and in a few months we had what we needed.

We’ve appreciated CAP’s balance between doing things with excellence so they have credibility on a national level, and the strong commitment to seeing people come to faith.

We run a debt centre and have just launched our third job club. At our last Alpha Course we had a table for our CAP clients, hosted by their befrienders. Every story of a client coming to faith is extraordinary in its own way.

Working with CAP fits with our belief that if we’re going to be effective in serving Christ we need to demonstrate the compassion of God in our community. We run the foodbank and the biggest youth club in the county. Last year we were nominated by the council as Community Champions.

To someone considering partnering with CAP, I’d say take on board the finances, the need to find befrienders and a prayer team, but on the other hand, when you invest in the Kingdom, God always gives back!

In partnership with 92 churches across the Baptist Church

47 CAP Debt Centres
27 CAP Job Clubs
10 CAP Release Groups
8 CAP Life Skills Courses

(Correct on 08/05/2019)

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