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‘You’re looking at me today, I’m a totally different person… All of the anxiety has gone. The depression’s gone.’

- Susanna

Susanna became trapped in debt after she found out that she had cancer. Her relationship broke down and she was unable to work. Facing debt alone she felt like there was no way out, she even thought her family would be better off without her and she attempted suicide. But then Christians Against Poverty and her local church stepped in. While they welcomed her with open arms and offered emotional and practical support, our head office teams crafted Susanna a tailor-made route out of debt. Now, not only is Susanna debt free, she’s found belonging in a church family.


Will you become a regular giver now so that we can free more people shackled in the chains of unmanageable debt?

Make your gift go twice as far. Match funding means that whatever you give as a regular gift today will be matched penny for penny over the next twelve months. Let's double our impact for families in need!*


Your gift of £3 a month could help break the chains of poverty for more people like Susanna, and introduce them to the eternal hope of Jesus.

We thank God for our regular supporters who give so generously to CAP. They are the reason we’re able to equip churches all around the UK to see their communities transformed. 

We call these amazing people Life Changers, because they really do change lives! Will you become a Life Changer now so that we can free more people shackled in the chains of unmanageable debt?

Join over 30,000 others by becoming a Life Changer and giving just £3 a month.

*Regular donations to this appeal will be matched, up to a total value of £45,000. All funds will be used where the need is greatest.

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