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How to access your new CAP Money shop

How to access your new CAP Money shop

To access the online CAP Money shop please follow the instructions below:


Logging in

First, go to You should see this screen:

Enter the email address with which you normally receive communication from CAP, and click ‘reset password’.

Go back to your email inbox, open the email you will have received from the CAP Money shop (sometimes this can take a few minutes to come through) and follow the instructions to reset your password. Please note, we recommend that you use a different password to the one you use to access the ‘CAP Money online’ coach tools.

Log in using your new password. Once logged in, you can purchase items in varying quantities using the £40 credited to your account.

Please note that you must reset your password before you can log in for the first time. It will not be the same as your CAP Money online password.


The CAP Money shop

You will then be taken to the CAP Money shop, which will look like this:

You should notice all the CAP Money resource options listed as ‘featured categories’.

Start shopping

To start shopping, use the search products’ option at the top left of the screen.

Searching for items by category

You can also search for items by clicking on the featured category and relevant sub-categories listed on the left or pictured on the right.


Let’s say you want to buy some posters to promote your CAP Money Course over Christmas.

  • Posters would be located under the category, ‘Promotional Materials’.
  • Under ‘Promotional Materials’, select the ‘A4 Posters’ or ‘A3 Posters’ sub-category.
  • Next, add the preferred poster to your basket, where you can also see more details or change the quantity. 


Customising your resources

Some items will be available as a standard version or a customisable version. 

You can include details such as date, venue address and time on the custom version (eg. postcards, flyers, banners).

Please note: Cost is slightly higher for custom prints. 

Custom options are listed as their own featured category called ’customisable’. or you can access custom options (anything with a blue pencil) alongside the standard versions. 

Customisable items are easily identifiable with their blue pencil icon on the top left of the listing.

You can also distinguish the standard items from the customisable items from the options below the listing. Standard items give you the option to add them straight to your basket, whereas the custom items require an extra step to be completed.

By clicking the image or 'details' button, you will be taken to the next step to add your custom text and quantity.

When you add an item to your basket you will be able to select your quantity and make updates if it is a custom order. 

If you change your mind you can also remove the item from your basket by clicking 'delete'. 


How to customise your resources

When you select a custom resource (with blue pencil icon), you can personalise the print with details about your CAP Money Course.

Click on the item you want to order and personalise or click the 'details' button to go to the next stage.

Click on 'start' to begin the process.

As you type, the image on the left will update automatically and you’ll be able to see what your product will look like when printed.

When you are happy with your wording, click 'add to basket'.  

In the basket, you have another chance to review and edit your customised documents before going to the checkout.

Please note: once the order is placed, you won’t see what information has been submitted again, so use this opportunity for a proofread.

When you are ready to process your order, go to the basket and click ‘checkout’.

At the basket

Your basket will look like this. 

Before placing your order, please double check the items and quantity in there. The last item you added will appear at the bottom of the list.

To return to the shop from your basket, use the back button from your browser or click ‘home’ to continue shopping.

Note: if you change a quantity don’t forget to click the 'update basket' button. 


Check out

Click check out on the bottom right and then you will be taken to the next processing steps.

The next page will ask you for billing details.

At present, we are only operating with CAP allocated credit. If you wish to order items which exceed your spend limit, please contact the CAP Money team ( and we can talk through payment on invoice options.

We’re working on integrating a PayPal payment option for over-spends next. In the meantime, the 'billing' page is just part of the shop set up (you aren’t going to be charged – any orders will come from your allocated CAP credit). Please just use your delivery address on the billing address page and then tick the box for 'use the same address for delivery'.

You then have a final chance to review your order, it will also tell you the postage deduction based on the weight of the items in your order.

When you click ‘confirm’ on the order summary your order will be submitted and you will receive an email order confirmation. 


Delivery times: please allow 5-10 working days for delivery. 

Where the shipping method says 'next day' this is the service the print company will use once your order is printed, packed and ready to leave their facility.



I can’t get into the shop

Oops! It shouldn’t take us long to get you added, please contact the CAP Money team at and they will look into this for you.


I don’t have all services I run listed

Please contact the CAP Money team at 


I hit submit but realised I’d like to add something to my order

If your query is about an order that has been placed/delivery discrepancies or general queries, please contact

If you have a query to do with the ordering process/ account /or anything else to do with resources, contact the CAP Money team 


What is the delivery time?

Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.


What is my budget allocation? 

£40 (this includes £5 P&P)


Why are the prices different to the old shop? 

We are working with a new company who are offering customised print options, we have a totally new working relationship which means we can take advantage of bulk discounts on some lines but others will involve more work (e.g. the custom lines). This means prices will be different to our old online shop. Some lines may be cheaper, others may now be slightly more expensive.


Spending over the budget allocated

If you need to order additional items and have exceeded your budget please contact the CAP Money team who will contact you about payment on invoice. We are looking to get a payment option integrated into the site in the near future, which will allow payment via PayPal. 


How do I view my balance?

When you are in the shop, your live balance is visible when you have an item in your basket – it will display your current balance and what will remain after submitting your current order.

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