​CAP Money Ministers

Anyone can struggle with their finances and fall into debt and those that lead churches are no different. Often it can be really hard to admit you need help when you are in a leadership position and are expected to be perfect!

CAP is here to help you. We have partnered with Stewardship to offer a money advice service especially for senior church leaders. We will provide a completely confidential service with access to CAP’s award winning debt-counselling.

There is always a solution no matter what your situation, so don’t delay and ring our confidential helpline for church leaders - 01274 760780.

​How we can help

The first thing you need to do is ask for help by ringing our confidential phone line. We have dedicated staff to answer your call who have been in church leadership themselves. You may just want to talk through what’s going on and find that some practical advice over the phone is enough.

If you need more practical help, we then recommend you work through the CAP Money Course, which CAP is allowing church leaders to do in the privacy of their own homes rather than having to attend a course. This will enable you to build your own budget, giving you the full picture of your finances. It will teach you a cash based system to manage your money and how to put your budget into action.

Through this process you may discover, or you may already know, that you have a lot of unmanageable debt. In this case, CAP have a team of expert debt counsellors who will check your budget to make it both fair to you and your creditors, negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and present you with the options to get out of debt.

'What a God-Send! A professionally run confidential service for leaders who are unable to manage their personal finances and don't know whom to turn for help. Thank you CAP and Stewardship!'

John Coles, Director, New Wine