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Discovery Break - staff application 2017

Your details

Your partner's details

Partners are expected to be full members of the team - there is no charge for their place.


We are happy for children of staff team to come on the breaks (there is no charge), however, if you feel having your children on the break would hinder you or your partner from being fully able to participate in team activities please make us aware of this.

Contact details

Break details

Please select which break you would like to attend:

Sarum College, Abbot Hall & Willersley Castle: Please note that as these breaks are adult only breaks are our strictly for adults and those who have children aged 14+ only.

Head office staff volunteering for breaks more than 3 hours away will be required to travel and stay the evening before the start of the break. Please consider this when applying, especially in regards to booking holiday and organising transport.

Once your place is booked please regard it as an important commitment and something that can not easily be changed.

Session details

Please select your top 3 choices to help out on during session times on the break. Each day we will separate off and run four different sessions for one hour – Adult Session, Youth Session (Ages 12-16), Children’s Session (Ages 5-11) and Creche Session (Ages 0-4). Please select which of these sessions you would prefer to be involved in. Please note, we often struggle to fill roles helping in the creche, kids and youth sessions, please consider if you would be willing to serve (even as a last option) in one of these areas.

Leaders will be responsible for running the sessions (all materials provided) whilst helpers will be asked to assist the leader to ensure the session runs smoothly.

First choice
Second choice
Third choice

Please be aware that we may require you to take part in some activities that you have said no to, but we will always contact you to discuss this before assigning you to these.

Other tasks

Would you be happy to do tasks that involve public speaking?
e.g. running a quiz, sharing your testimony, leading a prayer time.

Would you be happy to be involved in leading active tasks?
e.g. organising sports or games, organising tournaments, leading a walk or an excursion.

Would you be happy to be involved in creative tasks?
e.g. Pampering sessions (ladies only!), arts & crafts, face painting.

Would you be happy performing technical tasks?
e.g. PA/sound setup, data projection.

Do you have any extra skills or qualifications that could be used on a Discovery Break?
e.g. photography, worship leader, knitting, dance instructor, musician, chiropodist, qualified beautician/hairdresser, fitness instructor, magician, first aider.

In addition to the above there are some general activities, which we expect you to be available for throughout the break, these are:
- General set up/room changes
- Carrying cases
- Wake up calls
- Befriending
- Praying with clients
- Tea and coffee/refreshments

Extra details (Head Office only)


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