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Support for when you want to stop

Find freedom from life controlling habits, like smoking, gambling or drinking.

How CAP can help


We know it can be hard to stay motivated when trying to give up a habit or overcome a dependency. At times it can feel like you are struggling alone. That’s why a CAP Release Group is a warm and welcoming environment where you can listen to other people who may have similar struggles and share your own experiences, if you want to.


During the release group, there is an eight-week course that enables you to tackle some of the root issues that may be causing your dependency so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. The course is based upon the Twelve Steps of Recovery and each session works through these steps alongside the CAP Release Group exercises.


You will receive informal one to one support from a dedicated CAP Release Group Coach. They will spend time listening to you and encouraging you on your journey to freedom.


Whether you quit smoking, cut down on your drinking or stop going to the bookies, CAP believes it is important to acknowledge the milestones you reach and recognise the things you achieve. That's why celebration is a key part of every CAP Release Group.


CAP Release Groups operate within the strictest bounds of confidentiality. You will never be forced to share personal information if you don’t want to and, instead, the group fosters an environment of mutual trust and respect.

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